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I am aware they said to not post a LOT of art at once... but I wanted to share my starter evo lines here... and all of them could see some improvement. I hope thats ok.

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From left to right...
Florelk, the Woods Pokémon (From Flora, Forest, and Elk)
  • Type: Grass
  • Abilities: Overgrow/Natural Cure | H: Regenerator (yes they have second abilities don't judge me)
  • Stats: 55/40/40/60/50/70 (BST: 315)
  • Evolution: Bosquelk (Lv 16)
  • Pokédex entries:
    • Florelk's green fur is actually grass. It needs to eat a lot to absorb nutrients, that leaves its fur bright green.
    • Its strong connection to nature leave this pokémon highly vunerable to any significant changes to its habitat, never handling it easily.
Bosquelk, the Woods Pokémon (From Bosque (portuguese for Woods) and Elk)
  • Type: Grass
  • Abilities: Overgrow/Natural Cure | H: Regenerator
  • Stats: 70/50/55/80/65/90 (BST: 410)
  • Evolution: Magimoose (Lv 36)
  • Pokédex entries:
    • Thanks to the grass that grows on this Pokémon's skin, it can hide itself form most of its predators with ease.
    • Due to its strong aura, its an easy prey for Lucario, since it can efortlessly feel its presence form far away.
Magimoose, the Aura Pokémon (From Magic and Moose duh)
  • Type: Grass/ Fairy
  • Abilities: Overgrow/Natural Cure | H: Regenerator
  • Stats: 80/60/70/110/90/120 (BST: 530)
  • Evolution: None
  • Pokédex entries:
    • If it feels that its habitat is in danger, it will everything to defend it. There are reports of this Pokémon attacking groups of lumberjacks mercilessly.
    • This Pokémons bends the aura of plants to regenerate forests devasted by humans. Its so rare that few people are aware of its existence.
  • Singnature move: Blooming Aura
    • BP: 100/ Acc: 85/ PP: 5 (8)
    • Type: Fairy/ Cat: Special
    • Effect: Traps and damages the target for 4-5 turns.
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From left to right...
Firddy, the Tiny Bear Pokémon (From Teddy Bear and Fire)
  • Type: Fire
  • Abilities: Blaze/Adaptability | H: Tough Claws (yes they have second abilities don't judge me)
  • Stats: 55/70/50/40/60/40 (BST: 315)
  • Evolution: Blazear (Lv 16)
  • Pokédex entries:
    • Firddy seems cute at first, but its wary and takes long to gain trust on others. It can adapt to any temperature.
    • This Pokémon can change its body temperature at will to live both in hot and cold enviroments. It seems to prefer the latter, however.
Blazear, the Bear Pokémon (From Blaze and Bear duh)
  • Type: Fire
  • Abilities: Blaze/Adaptability | H: Tough Claws
  • Stats: 70/90/65/55/80/50 (BST: 410)
  • Evolution: Explursa (Lv 36)
  • Pokédex entries:
    • Blazear normally doesn't mess with other Pokémon, but will atack agressively if provoked.
    • Can't tolerate any kind of provocation. This Pokémon is being forced to migrate to hotter enviroments due to climate changes.
Explursa, the Polar Flame Pokémon (From Explosion and Ursa)
  • Type: Fire/ Ice
  • Abilities: Blaze/Adaptability | H: Tough Claws
  • Stats: 80/120/90/70/110/60 (BST: 530)
  • Evolution: None
  • Pokédex entries:
    • This Pokémon is extremely agressive and will attack any stranger without hesitation, first cooling down the enviroment and then charging into its target with intense flames.
    • When Explursa is angered, intense flames erupt form its neck. It can melt entire icebergs in a matter of seconds.
  • Singnature move: Thermal Shock
    • BP: 40/ Acc: 100/ PP: 15 (24)
    • Type: Ice/ Cat: Physical
    • Effect: In the same turn, the user attacks again with a 80 BP, 100 acc Fire-Type Physical move. Only the latter hit makes contact.
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From left to right...
Baypybara, the Bay Pokémon (From Bay, Baby and Capybara)
  • Type: Water
  • Abilities: Torrent/Unaware | H: Vital Spirit (yes they have second abilities don't judge me)
  • Stats: 55/40/60/70/40/50 (BST: 315)
  • Evolution: Capyhost (Lv 16)
  • Pokédex entries:
    • Baypybara trains by lakes and beaches, with the desire to become stronger. It won't remove the kelp band in its ankle for nothing.
    • Groups of these Pokémon can be seen training intensely all day long. Its full of vitality and for this reason it almost never stops to rest during training.
Capyhost, the Host Pokémon (From Capybara and Host)
  • Type: Water
  • Abilities: Torrent/Menacing| H: Armor Tail
  • Stats: 70/55/80/90/50/65(BST: 410)
  • Evolution: Capybadoom (Lv 36)
  • Pokédex entries:
    • The kelp on this Pokémon's Ankle consume its vitality. Its seen sleeping most of the day.
    • The positive attitude that Capyhost once had is replaced by pure melancholy. Thats because its vitality is drained by the kelp on its ankle.
  • New Ability: Menacing
    • On switch-in, this Pokemon lowers the Special Attack of opposing Pokemon by 1 stage
    • Pokemon with the Inner Focus, Oblivious, Own Tempo, or Scrappy Abilities and Pokemon behind a substitute are immune.
Capybadoom, the Undying Pokémon (From Capybara and Doom duh)
  • Type: Water/ Ghost
  • Abilities: Torrent/Menacing| H: Armor Tail
  • Stats: 80/70/110/120/60/90(BST: 530)
  • Evolution: None
  • Pokédex entries:
    • What was once this Pokémons body becomes a puppet controled by its kelp hood. The hood retains the memories of said body.
    • After evolving, Capybadoom's soul is transfered to its kelp hood. Because of this it still keeps its memory and personality.
  • Singnature move: Liquid Spell
    • BP: 80/ Acc: 100/ PP: 15 (24)
    • Type: Water/ Cat: Special
    • Effect: This move's does super effective damage if at least one of the target's types is weak to water
      • Ex: It hits a Swampert for super effective because of its ground type, even though it is also water-type, which otherwise resist it. Doesn't ingore immunities.

the grass and fire final evos doesn't seems the type they are
Hello everyone, I would like to participate in the animation of this thread, and I like drawing. Thing is, I prefer showing a final presentation on Paint rather than sketches and drafts, so I hope that you won't mind. In any case, please have a look at one of some Fakemons I imagined for the purpose of making a ROM Hack (which hasn't been done). It's an alternative evolution of Sentret. I added some details to the draw but I'll give two more : 1) the french translation for "Cri'Bite", "Tricky-Hickey" moves and "Bad Suprise" are respectively "Mor'Subite", "Pié-Jaloux" and "Trappe-à-l'oeil" ; 2) TRAPET's first form when sent in battle is the TRAP form. EDIT : It also loses its Steel type when in FREED form.
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Good day, fellow Fakemon artists. Today, I bring to you a new Fakemon I designed. Behold:

Its stat spread goes a bit like the following:

  • HP: 105
  • ATK: 80
  • DEF: 120
  • SPA: 150
  • SPD: 105
  • SPE: 140
  • BST: 700
Yeah, it's a really powerful box-legend. My only problem with him is that his design looks kinda bland in some parts and too messy in others.

EDIT: Thought I should clarify a couple of things:
  1. If Ordinazali exits the field before its ability activates the extremely harsh sunlight, the sunlight stays as if a Pokemon had activated Drought/Sunny Day on the turn Ordinazali switched in. Additionally, when it says "2 rounds straight", it means 2 full rounds straight, meaning it has to go through the move selection phase of a turn twice consecutively. Switching in as a turn doesn't count as a round for it.
  2. I forgot to mention in Light of Dawn's description that, as its name might imply, the move is powered up in harsh/extremely harsh sunlight, just like fire-type moves.
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Meet "Shoar" - the water-type Storm-Caller Pokémon!

This on land clumsy Pokémon lives in groups of up to 100 conspecifics grazing entire seaweed fields in just a few days. Its sound-amplifying nose makes its calls so loud that its companions on islands miles away can hear its calls even through storms. It is very territorial and protects its fellows with everything it has!

Type: Water
possible Abilities: Thick Fat, Soundproof, Sap Sipper (HA)
Pre-Evolutions: Droply, Vapoar
Stats: 110 HP / 70 Atk / 85 Def / 110 SpA / 110 SpD / 45 Spe - 530 Total
mentionable moves:
Surf, Hyper Voice, Sing, Uproar, Boomburst, Perish Song, Follow Me, Slack Off, Life Dew, Seed Bomb, Sparkling Aria, Amnesia and more.
Special Move: Storm Shout, normal typing: 100 strength, special attack - hits every Pokémon around ignoring screens, type immunities and resistances.


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